My name is Michael Formis Lyman, I was born as a Formis on the beautiful island of Dominican Republic. ­There I was raised until the age of six when I was adopted by the Lyman family and became a United States Citizen. The Lymans were both educators and wanted to give my family (2 brothers & a sister) new opportunity for a better future.



It is here that my love for photography began; when they made it a point to document all of our adventures, as I saw things with new eyes. These photos where then sent to my birth mother in Dominican Republic so she could feel closer to my life.



When it came time for me to take control of my own education, I attended Full Sail University and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design and Bachelor’s in Digital Arts & Design.



When I wasn’t Freelancing, my passion for education brought me into the classroom teaching children with learning differences how to excel in Language, express themselves through Art and the importance of movement through Physical Education. I wore many hats as an educator and the rewards of being a mentor I embrace daily.



My heart has me currently living in New Orleans, Louisiana where adventure is around every corner. It has uniquely allowed me to open up as a Graphic Designer and dig deeper into the world of Photography.

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Above photos by Kadeem Kadream Barnett 


Michael Formis Lyman 
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